Each Aloha Glassing team member has a significant role in bringing these boards to life. From laminating to polishing, each step in the process is highly critical in building a successful finished product.

Steve Albin

Steve Albin, the owner and head laminator at Aloha Glassing, has been glassing surfboards for over 20 years. Steve first started out in the industry as a sander / polisher at HB Fiberglass in Huntington Beach. He traveled around from Costa Mesa to El Segundo, sanding and polishing for Tyler, Cordell, Estrada, and Wave Tools. After honing his skills with Country Surfboards he bought Aloha Glassing and started glassing for Dewey Weber, EC and many others. Over the years our family of shapers has grown tremendously and we are now the new home to Robert August Surfboards.

Mike Minchinton

Mike has been a Huntington Beach Local since 1960. He grew up surfing Huntington Beach and began shaping longboard surfboards out of his garage for friends using all hand tools and eventually gained quite a few customers and a reputation for shaping custom hand shaped surfboards. Mike Minchinton specializes in creating classic and high-performance longboards and shortboards as well as being considered the best surfboard wood worker in the industry. His unique style and quality of surfboard shapes caught the attention of many surfboard shapers and surfers. If you ever wanted a balsa surfboard, you have to get a Mike Minchinton hand-crafted surfboard.

Matt Steuck

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Grant Nakata

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Rick Karren

Rick Karren, One of the most sought after surfboard artists / airbrushers in the industry, has been airbrushing surfboards for over 40 years. Rick first started out spraying surfboards in a one car garage in Huntington Beach for all the local surf shops. A few years later after honing his skills with local surf shops, he moved to Hawaii in the early 70's and worked on many big projects, such as the all time classic Big Wednesday. After 11 years on the islands, Rick moved back to Huntington Beach and started up his own shop. After 27 years in business, Rick closed his doors to his shop and relocated to Aloha Glassing.