Mike Minchinton is the resident shaper at Aloha Glassing. But don't worry, we have an empty shaping room for you to reserve for free!

Mike Minchinton

Mike has been a Huntington Beach Local since 1960. He grew up surfing Huntington Beach and began shaping longboard surfboards out of his garage for friends using all hand tools and eventually gained quite a few customers and a reputation for shaping custom hand shaped surfboards. Mike Minchinton specializes in creating classic and high-performance longboards and shortboards as well as being considered the best surfboard wood worker in the industry. His unique style and quality of surfboard shapes caught the attention of many surfboard shapers and surfers. It eventually landed him a job at Robert August Surfboards, where he became head shaper. He has hand shaped well over 15,000 surfboards and longboards. Mike is an expert in the creation of balsa surfboards as well as wood surfboard fins and custom tailblocks. If you ever wanted a balsa surfboard, you have to get a Mike Minchinton hand-crafted surfboard.

Shape Room

Are you sick of waiting on your shaper to get your next board done? Well shape it yourself! The shape room at Aloha is open for you to come on in and start moeing foam.

Tools In Room: