While presenting the customer with the feel of a mom & pop shop, Aloha Glassing prides itself in producing the best work in Orange County.

Steve Albin

Steve Albin, the owner and head laminator at Aloha Glassing, has been glassing surfboards for over 20 years. Steve first started out in the industry as a sander / polisher at HB Fiberglass in Huntington Beach. He traveled around from Costa Mesa to El Segundo, sanding and polishing for Tyler, Cordell, Estrada, and Wave Tools. It wasn't long after traveling around from factory to factory that he landed a full-time position with Country Surfboards. It was there that he learned how to laminate and hot coat. After honing his skills with Country Surfboards he bought Aloha Glassing and started glassing for Dewey Weber, EC and many others. Over the years our family of shapers has grown tremendously and we are now the new home to Robert August Surfboards.

Glassing Options
  • 4 OZ
  • 6 OZ
  • Volan
  • Sand Finish
  • Gloss Polish
  • Sanded Gloss
  • Epoxy
Fin Options
  • Future
  • FCS
  • Pro-Box
  • Glass-On
  • Wood
  • Custom Templates
  • Twin, Tri, Quad, Bonzer
Bells & Whistles
  • Resin Color
  • Fabric Inlay
  • Pinlines
  • Tiger Tail
  • Abstract
  • Volan Patches
Ding Repair
  • Broken Boards
  • Broken Fins/Fin Box
  • Color Matching
  • Punctures
  • De-lams

Our Sander/Polisher, Matt Steuck, does all the ding repair here at Aloha Glassing. Bring your shredstick in for a fixxin or call us for a rough estimate.


Aloha Glassing has a passion for bringing old beauties back to life. While many glass shops will shut the door on restoration projects, here at Aloha we welcome any board you want to resuscitate. We have the ability to either keep it all original, or give it a totally new look. Price varies on every board, so if you have any questions about board restoration, bringing it in would be your best bet.